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Motorized Sprayers
KASS® 16.0L Knapsack Sprayer
Tank Capacity : 16.0L
Spray Type : Manualy operated
Usage: : Agriculture Horticulture, Plantation etc
Nozzle : 4 types free
Pumping : right hand & left hand pumping
Additional lance for higher reach
Light weight   3.3 kgs
Free Washer / Repair Kit
Packing   05nos. / Box
Spares available

KASS® 15.0L Battery / Electric Sprayer
Tank Capacity : 15.0L
spary Type : Battery operated
Usage: : Agriculture, Horticulture, Plantation etc
Nozzle : 3 types free
Usage : 6 Hrs charging & Use upto 8Hrs
Free Washer / Repair Kit
Packing   04nos. / Box
Spares available

K-POWER® Portable Power Sprayers
Portable Power Sprayer
with Brass Pump,
3Mtr Suction& Over Flow Hose
And Spray Gun.

K-POWER® HTP Power Spray Brass Pump
HTP Power Spray
Brass Pump with 5mtrs Suction &
Over Flow Hose.


Hi-Pressure Hose
Hi- Pressure Hose 8.5mm
50 & 100 Mtrs, available in 3&5 PLY.

* Specifications & Models subject to change without prior notice.
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